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Youth Director: Lisa Cockrell

We have a full youth program for grades 6-12 that includes Sunday morning Bible study in Sunday School, and Wednesday evening youth worship which meets at 7 p.m. We also have frequent fun events and ministry opportunities as well. If you would like to know more, please email us from our contact page and we’ll get you more information.


Please be in prayer for our youth as they prepare to go to camp over the summer. If you would like to donate to the youth program and help send a kid to camp please contact us for more details.


March 20, 2020 Devotional

Sometimes God Calms the Storm, Sometimes He Calms Us

Matthew 8:23-27

Matthew 14:22-33

Read these two Bible passages and think about this: The first time, Jesus was with the disciples in the boat and He calmed the sea. He told the wind and waves to stop and they became calm. The second time, Jesus came to the disciples during the storm, walking on the water. He told them to be brave and not afraid BUT He did not immediately calm the storm. He actually told Peter to leave the boat and walk out into the storm with Him! 

Both of these storms the disciples faced were real, actual storms, wind and rain, and very dangerous to those in the boat. Sometimes in our lives we have trouble and hard times, we can think of these as "storms of life". Basically anything that threatens us either physically or emotionally can feel like a storm. 

I have been thinking about this with everything going on for us right now. COVID 19 or coronavirus or whatever you want to call it, this is a "stormy" time for us. A time when we can feel threatened physically and emotionally, but also a time when we need to call out to Jesus like the disciples did in both of these passage.

It is also a time when we need to remember the differences in these two Bible passages. One time Jesus immediately calmed the storm, the other time He let it rage on and asked Peter to come join Him out in it. Right now, this storm for us is raging on and we need to focus on what Jesus and Peter said to each other. Jesus said "Take courage! Don't be afraid. Peter said, "Lord tell me to come to you. Lord, save me!" Jesus doesn't leave us to go through this storm alone. He is with us and wants us to focus on Him. 

Stop now and think about what has been hard for you or has upset you lately. Now take a few minutes to pray and ask Jesus to remind you not to be afraid, to remind you He is with you, and to remind you to focus on Him and not the storm.

Go to YouTube and search for the video with lyrics, "Sometimes He Calms the Storm." It may not be the kind of music you would choose but the words are what is important. 

Text me and let me know if you read this devo or listened to the song or both. Also any questions you have or how I can pray for you. I am praying for all of you in this storm!  Lisa


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